Hello everyone,

Although skin color is undoubtedly the most salient signal of racial identity in America, other actual or imagined bodily features have also been seen as distinctive markers of negritude. These include the shapes of heads, feet, lips and noses as well as texture of hair. The novel “Americanah” by the award winning writer; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie contains a brutal honest story that compare racial hierarchies in the United States to social striving in her native Nigeria. She does so in this new work with a ruthless honesty about the ugly and beautiful sides of both nations.

I welcome you all to join me in discussing interesting topics from our famous 2016-17 season novel “Americanah” and share your take with comments and video reviews.

Do not miss our first discussion post coming out October 24, 2016, accompanied with a progressive outline of more steaming topics from the book.

Reading a good book is like taking a journey, read chapter one to three of “Americanah” and let’s discuss your journey.

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