You Are A First Gen If….

Our upcoming play, Sunny Came Home is about being a first-generation Nigerian – American. What identifies you as a #firstgen? Here’s our top 3. Which one is true for you? Share in a comment or add another!

You know you’re a first generation American if….

1. Halloween was never celebrated in your home.
2. You called all your parents’ friends aunty or uncle.
3. You had to explain your lunch at least once at school.

Sunny Came Home opens May 25
Buy tickets @ www.sunnycamehome.brownpapertickets.com1st-Generation-AmericanSunny Came Home Flyer

Published by Fehinty African Theatre Ensemble

Fehinty African Theatre Ensemble presents African stories ranging from classical to contemporary works and spanning from homelands to Diasporas. We unite artists in Chicago who are inspired by African expressions of the universal human condition and its illumination through performance. Our goals are to facilitate the creative development of African dramatic works and artists that will enrich and connect culturally diverse audiences in Chicago.

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