Kuol drives Uber. He is struggling. He is in pain. He hides it well, but he is still looking for answers. He is a lost boy. A product of the Sudanese war transplanted in America. He struggles to be an American, or at least what he believes is an American. Then one day the past and present collide and everything changes.


KUOL – Late 20s, Sudanese. Uncertain about the future, haunted by the past. His welcoming spirit lights up the room with his outgoing and teasing personality. Hides behind humor like a child behind his mother. Craves acceptance and love especially from his wife. Worries about the future and can’t move forward from watching his mother’s death.

ELIZA (ABUOR) – KUOL’S WIFE, early 20s, Sudanese. Dying to be let out. Is beginning to realize the freedom in America even though she’s stuck and can’t have it. Is ready to have her first child but scared of the type of mother she will be. Tries to ignore the pain of war by living each day as a new one.

DANIEL – Late 20s, Sudanese. Highly successful, haunted by his crimes. A child soldier turned businessman. The loner in a sea of millions.

MARY – KUOL’S SISTER, Mid 20s, Sudanese. Is content in her misery and the shadow of war that follows her. A true feminist and rape survivor. Has found her place as an immigrant in America. Leaves and returns as she pleases.

DENG – UBER DRIVER, Late 20s, Sudanese. Is lost but seeks responsibility. Painfully in love with Mary. Blames Eliza for Mary’s rape.

KUOL’S FATHER – A ghost from the past. Stern but playful; a distant memory that comes and goes.

EMILY/WHITE WOMAN – Late 20s, feminist, all around American.


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